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Valdas Noreika

Valdas Noreika is currently a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge, UK. His research centers on altered states of consciousness, dreaming, neural correlates of consciousness, and time perception.

OM Contributions


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  • Noreika, V., Falter, C. M., & Rubia, K. (2013). Timing deficits in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Evidence from neurocognitive and neuroimaging studies. Neuropsychologia, 51(2), 235-266.

  • Salminen-Vaparanta, N., Noreika, V., Revonsuo, A., Koivisto, M., & Vanni, S. (2012). Is selective primary visual cortex stimulation achievable with TMS? Human Brain Mapping, 33(3), 652-665.

  • Windt, J. M., & Noreika, V. (2011). How to integrate dreaming into a general theory of consciousness—a critical review of existing positions and suggestions for future research. Consciousness and Cognition, 20(4), 1091-1107.

  • Noreika, V., Windt, J. M., Lenggenhager, B., & Karim, A. A. (2010). New perspectives for the study of lucid dreaming: From brain stimulation to philosophical theories of self-consciousness. International Journal of Dream Research, 3(1), 36-45.

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