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Caleb Liang

Caleb Liang is currently associate professor of philosophy at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan. His research centers on brain and philosophy, consciousness, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, self-consciousness, and topics in philosophy of mind.

OM Contributions


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  • Liang, C. (2015). Visual Perception and the Origin of Objectivity, National Chengchi University Philosophical Journal, 33: 1-38.

  • Liang, C. (2014). Perceptual Anti-Individualism and Vision Science, National Taiwan University Philosophical Review, 47: 87-120.

  • Lane, T. and Liang, C. (2011). Self-consciousness and Immunity, Journal of Philosophy, February, 78-99.

  • Liang, C. and Lane, T. (2009). Higher-Order Thought and Pathological Self: the Case of Somatoparaphrenia, Analysis, 69(4): 661-668.

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