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Axel Kohler

Axel Kohler is currently a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience and philosophy at the University of Osnabrück, Germany. His research centers on apparent motion, interhemispheric integration, motion perception, and neural correlates of consciousness.

OM Contributions


  • Genç, E., Bergmann, J., Singer, W., & Kohler, A. (2013). Surface area of early visual cortex predicts individual speed of traveling waves during binocular rivalry. Cerebral Cortex.

  • Genç, E., Bergmann, J., Singer, W., & Kohler, A. (2011). Interhemispheric connections shape subjective experience of bistable motion. Current Biology, 21, 1494-1499.

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  • Sack, A. T., Kohler, A., Linden, D. E. J., Goebel, R., & Muckli, L. (2006). The temporal characteristics of motion processing in hMT/V5+: Combining fMRI and neuronavigated TMS. NeuroImage, 29, 1326-1335.

  • Muckli, L., Kohler, A., Kriegeskorte, N., & Singer, W. (2005). Primary visual cortex activity along the apparent-motion trace reflects illusory perception. PLoS Biology, 3, 1-10.

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